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What teachers have to say

I just got back from Callie’s PBT workshop and although I was expecting it to be good, it was so much better than I was anticipating! Callie was bright, sparky and enthusiastic and went at a perfect pace, all the while being supportive, down to earth and approachable. I’m thoroughly looking forward to trying the plan out with my own students and I’m hoping they’ll feel the benefits just as much as I felt them today!!!!!! Highly recommend it if you want to be able to explain turnout and certain muscle groups (by working them) to your pupils and for them to them achieve strength at a significantly higher level.

Rosie Magenta Parker- Birmingham Course

The Progressing Ballet Technique Programme is a wonderful addition to any ballet training, regardless of the syllabus or method followed. It allows the students to develop muscle memory with instant feedback from the fit ball and resistance bands, heightening their understanding of how to apply this new found knowledge into their ballet classes. Callie provides comprehensive teacher training, explaining the exercises and process in a clear, precise manner. The one day workshop leaves you exhausted but exhilarated, with new ideas to transfer to your teaching methods. She also provides wonderful student workshops, inspiring young dancers with warm, careful guidance and beautiful demonstration. My students loved their workshops with her, gaining confidence, skill and ambition.

Carla Pinchen – RAD Examiner, Tutor & Teacher. Principal, Pasdedeux Dance Academy. RAD, RTS, NBSDTC.

Thanks so much Callie for coming to teach your programme yesterday. Fabulous delivery and engagement with the students! They benefitted greatly from your expertise and will be adopting your exercises to complement their daily training. Come back any time!

Robert Parker, Director of Elmhurst

After discovering PBT in July last year I have introduced and integrated this superb program into my ballet school since the beginning of the new school year in September 2015. Very quickly I realized the big benefit for every student who was involved into the program, from the 7 year old ballet girl up to the beginners at the age of 60. From this point it was just a short step to have a look for one of the PBT workshops held in Europe and after getting in contact with Callie we quickly fixed the date for the first PBT workshop in Germany, including one day for students and one day for a teachers course.

What we experienced during these 2 days was such a big gift from Callie! Everybody enjoyed it so much! The little ones loved her, the teenagers adored her and the ladies were so pleased and satisfied. Callie is a natural in teaching, she has a very good sense of what a class can manage, physically and mentally. This includes the teachers course too and I recommend everybody using the DVD as a basis for teaching PBT to attend one of Callies workshops. These workshops provide the attendees with a lot more details and they will experience Marie’s ideas of body conditioning directly and beautifully performed by Callie. Such an inspiration! We had an incredible great weekend together and I would love to repeat it immediately! Thank you so much Callie for coming and visiting us, thank you so much Marie for sharing your research and provide us with so much support as ballet teachers! And I hope that we continue to work together Callie!

See you soon! Susanne, Next Step Schule für Ballett, Freiburg, Germany.

Susanne Fischer- Freiburg Germany Course

Such a brilliant and innovative course! Just wish this technique was available when I was training! I traveled up from Devon for Sundays course in London and it was well worth the journey! Callie was clear with her demonstrations and explanations, and was friendly and welcoming through out the day! Feeling excited to try out the exercises with my students now ! This course is not only useful for dance teachers but physios, dance scientists and dancers would also benefit!

Thank you Callie!

Ellodie Lark Stott- London Course

Thorough and informative course given by the highly knowledgable Callie, last weekend in Kristiansand, Norway. Inspiring and very enjoyable

Kristina Stewart- Kristiansand Norway Course

I attended Callie’s course in Brighton today. It was fantastic, I wish I had had the opportunity to experience this complimentary training method, as I can already see how beneficial it will be for students! Callie was a great coach and thoroughly covered all aspects of the technique, to ensure a thorough understanding for all in attendance. I’m so excited to incorporate PBT into my classes – and will be training myself as well! Thank you so much for a great day with an inspirational teacher! I would recommend this course to all teachers and am already a big fan!

Angela Feehan- Brighton Course

I attended the PBT course in Aberdeen on Sunday 20th March. Callie and the programme are both so inspiring. It’s great to have another teaching method to help technique/strength/balance/co ordination. Callie was lovely, she explained everything in great detail, allowed us to take videos/pictures, gave time for us to take notes – the pace of the course was just right. I have already discussed the programme with my students and they can’t wait to have a try after the holiday’s.

I would definitely recommend this course. Thank you to all involved

Stephanie Wie- Aberdeen Course

Attended the course in Telford and it was great! Callie explained everything in detail with enthusiasm and humour. Loved giving the exercises a go and finding muscles I haven’t worked in years!! Looking forward to trying it out in classes!

Becky Leonard- Telford Course

Callie is a superb teacher, and if you want challenging exercises that your ballet kids will love, I urge you to attend one of her fun exciting workshops.

Paul Anthony McLinden- Brighton Course

My students are really improving doing PBT. I can see a difference in core strength and use of feet. It’s early days so looking forward to seeing how much more they improve. — at Ruth Joanne School of Ballet.

Ruth Summerskill

Hello Callie,

I just wanted to say how fantastic today was. I facebooked in the first break telling all my ballet classes to go and buy a ball, band, squash ball and over ball. I will be doing the junior programme with all my classes including adults and possibly some senior exercises with my highest grade students. Absolutely loved it. It also clearly showed which side I tend to favour and where my injuries are. I cannot wait to gain strength in those areas from this programme. I can really feel where it helps technique. You’ve actually fired up my love for ballet again and I finally have great exercises to use the fitball instead of squats and press ups.

Thank you so much

Erin Cacacie Redds- Brighton Course

Thank you so much for visiting Bojangles yesterday. We all enjoyed the workshops. Callie really engaged with the children – when a class of 14 Primary’s ask if that’s really the end of the lesson (after an hour and half) you know they have enjoyed themselves. Looking forward to continuing with the work and inviting you back next year. Xx

Bojangles School Of Dance

What a fantastic weekend we’ve had! Not only attending a teaching course but being lucky enough to have Callie visit our studio and teach some of our students. Thank you for inspiring us all with this amazing course. Also a big thank you to Marie for allowing Callie to share this amazing technique with us. It’s fantastic to see such an improvement in just a day. We can’t wait to get it started tomorrow and keep you up to date with their progress. Please come back soon!

Rhiannon Lawrence- Norwich Course

Wow, we at DPA thoroughly enjoyed our workshop today. Not only are the children inspired but I am also! I cannot wait to implement this fantastic technique that Callie has shown us in both the teachers courses and the classes taught today. The programme is incredibly beneficial, and I’m sure we will be seeing big improvements very soon. I would love for you to come for more workshops in the future! Thank you Callie and Marie for sharing this incredible technique with us! X

Shannen Riches- DPA School Of Dance

Thank you Callie for the 2 fantastic workshops at my school in Belfast yesterday.
My Senior and Junior Vocational students really enjoyed them and gained such an insight into how beneficial Progressing Ballet Technique will be to improve and strengthen their ballet technique. Your classes were well structured and the students really responded to your expert tuition. It was such a pleasure to have you at our school. I will keep you posted with our progress.
Thanks x

Caroline Roninson


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